Become a Texas HORSE Affiliate

As our goal at Texas HORSE is to represent the best interest of the entire Texas horse industry,
we are committed to creating productive relationships with other horse related organizations
based in Texas.

Affiliates of Texas HORSE support the legislative initiative urging Texas legislators’ to allow
slot machines at existing Texas racetracks.


An affiliate can become involved in the following ways:

·         Educate members about the effort and importance of  Texas HORSE legislation

·         Forward Texas HORSE e-newsletters to your membership to inform them of the latest updates

·         Include a Texas HORSE logo/link on your website.  (Texas HORSE will include logo/link of Affiliate organization)

·         Encourage members to get involved in the effort through various options

o   Contact Texas HORSE for volunteer opportunities

o   Contact their legislator and explain the issues as well as ask for support

o   Community awareness through Association events

o   Distribute Texas HORSE information at Association events


If your organization is interested in becoming an affiliated, please fill out the following form.


  Estimated number of Texas members:
  Profit or Non-Profit:
  Non-Profit For-Profit
  Main activites of organization:

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