Performance Horse Development Fund

The legislative efforts of Texas HORSE are designed to invigorate all aspects of the Texas horse industry.

The Performance Horse Development Fund ( PHDF) is a fund dedicated to performance and recreational horse events and activities throughout Texas that are not affiliated with racing.

Legislation is structured for revenue streams to flow through three national horse organizations headquartered in the state; the American Quarter Horse Association, the American Paint Horse Association and the National Cutting Horse Association. These three organizations allow our industry to spread available funds as widely as possible within Texas due to their large Texas memberships. Use of PHDF funding to these national organizations is restricted for use within the state of Texas.

Additional funds will be administered by the Texas Department of Agriculture through an applicaiton process to other eligible organizations or entities for equine activities. By law, Texas Department of Agriculture funding will not overlap with the three named organizations.

These funds will give non-race organizations and events in Texas a huge economic stimulus in current programs, help to develop new shows, events and programs for all aspects of the horse industry, as well as create growth for businesses touched by the Lone Star State’s horse industry.

Dedicated revenue stream to the AQHA, NCHA, and APHA for use in Texas-based programs and services.

Dedicated revenue stream to Eligible horse organization & entities in Texas administered by the Texas Department of Agriculture.

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