Projected use of funds for TQHA

Texas Quarter Horse Association Revenue:

  • Texas-Bred Incentive Programs: New revenue derived from slot machines will be distributed according to current accredited Texas-bred statutes and rules. This revenue, along with additional revenue made available to TQHA, will ensure Texas has the most lucrative breed incentive program in the U.S.
  • Enhancement of Championship Race Days & Programs: With this new revenue, Texas Quarter Horse racing will see an increase in purses for existing race programs as well as the creation of new programs such as a Matchmaker Stakes series to increase stakes earnings for fillies and mares and a Texas Quarter Horse Triple Crown.
  • Retirement and Adoption Programs:  Funding for equine retirement and adoption programs is more important than ever with the current slaughter issues facing our industry. This revenue would also be available for second career horse programs for equine athletes who can no longer compete on the racetrack or in the show arena but are still far from retirement.
  • Supplemental Funding for Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • Marketing & Promotion: Currently, there is little or no money to market, and promote the Texas Quarter Horse industry. This revenue will give us the means to market and promote our industry like never before and help us introduce the thrill of owning a horse to a new generation.