Projected use of funds for TTA

Texas Thoroughbred Association Revenue:

  • Accredited Texas-Bred Incentive Programs: Significant revenue derived from slot machines shall be distributed in accordance with current statutes and rules, and also will enable a new program to be created for payment of incentive awards to breeders of Accredited Texas-Bred thoroughbreds that compete outside the state of Texas.
  • Enhancement of Texas Championship Race Days and New Racing Programs: Funding for existing signature race days and TTA-sponsored stakes, including the TTA Sales Futurity and the Texas Stallion Stakes Series, will be increased and will also allow for the implementation of new racing programs such as a Southwest Racing Series and a stakes series for fillies and mares.
  • Retirement and Adoption Programs: Funding for equine retirement and adoption programs is becoming increasingly important, given the number of unwanted horses across the nation.  Funding will enable the support of sanctuary programs for those horses needing to be retired and retraining programs for horses who can no longer compete, but can go on to other disciplines.
  • Equine Research and Enhanced Drug Testing and Research: To ensure better horse health and safety, revenue streams will be directed to boost funding for equine research, drug research and testing.
  • Domicile Inspection Programs: Funding will allow implementation of a new program to verify the reported domicile of Texas horses.  Domicile inspections will be beneficial in ensuring the integrity of the Accredited Texas-Bred program, and in a state as large as Texas, such a program would require significant funding.
  • Marketing and Promotion: Funding to implement a broad-based marketing program will help horse racing to become much more easily recognized as a high-profile sport in Texas.  Marketing and promotion will create and sustain a large fan base by attracting and educating new racing fans and participants.