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Texas Racing Industry Hopeful that 2013 Legislative Session Unlocks Doors

SureBet Racing – by Martha Claussen

April 2013 – Every two years the elected officials of Texas convene in Austin to review a myriad of bills and legislative documents. For close to two decades, members of the Texas racing industry have appealed to lawmakers for legislation that would allow video lottery terminals, or VLTs, at racetracks. Legislators have been implored to acknowledge the massive amount of money leaving the state with Texans who support gaming in neighboring states of Louisiana, Oklahoma and New Mexico.

The compelling economic impact studies have pointed out the benefit to the state in revenues for education, agriculture and tourism.

In 2011, more than 26 gaming bills were introduced and the Licensing and Administrative Procedures committee passed Constitutional Amendment, HJR 137, to authorize the legislature to legalize and regulate the conduct of one or more types of gaming involving wagering in Texas, contingent on approval by the voters at a statewide referendum. Unfortunately, the deadline passed without the required 100 votes, and therefore, nothing further occurred in that session. READ MORE…

New Study: Texans Spend $2.96 Billion Annually at Neighboring Gaming Facilities

By Let Texans Decide | Published: Tuesday, Apr. 2, 2013 – 9:09 am

AUSTIN, Texas, April 2, 2013 — Texans Responsible for 38.6% of Total Gaming Revenue in Oklahoma, Louisiana and New Mexico

A new study released by a leading Texas-based economic group, TXP, shows neighboring states are taking Texas to the cleaners through legalized gaming. Texans are responsible for $2.96 billion in annual gaming revenue in those three states – up $590 million since a 2009 study — and in both Oklahoma and Louisiana represent more than forty percent of their customers. Read More…

Texas Horse


Every year, several billion dollars leave our state.  The operation of slots at racetracks  in neighboring states provides tracks in those states with an insurmountable economic advantage over Texas tracks.  The consequence of this economic disparity has been the exodus of horses, breeding farms and other horse professionals to other states, as they follow higher purses, leaving the Texas horse industry at an overwhelming disadvantage which threatens the very existence of a vital horse industry and agricultural enterprises in the state.

Our mission is to support a legislative effort which will provide the Texas horse agri-industry with tools to compete against Louisiana, Oklahoma, and New Mexico, states where the horse industry has been proactively supported by their state governments.

Texas HORSE supports legislation that will allow the installation of VLTs (video lottery gaming machines – often referred to as slot machines) at licensed Texas racetracks.

Texas HORSE is asking the Texas Legislature to let the people of Texas decide.

Please take a look at the site and learn more about how this legislation would benefit horsemen and what you can do to help.

Texas HORSE is unprecedented in its size and scope. There has never existed such a grouping of diverse, multi-disciplined horse organizations and horsemen to support a single cause.

Read their story.